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Suspect Productions: Digital video production and design (contact details)

Suspect is currently unavailable for New Zealand-based projects.

Capture and Output

We can digitise footage for editing from analogue and digital formats. Once the edit has been completed we can output as a digital file, upload to the web or burn to DVD.

Capture / Digitisation

We can capture and digitise footage from:

  • VHS
  • DVD
  • miniDV tape (DV or HDV)
  • Super8mm (film)
  • + conversion of digital video file formats


We can ouput your video to:

  • VHS
  • DVD
  • miniDV
  • A digital file: high-quality QuickTime or WMV video file. These types of file are suitable for upload, for use in a PowerPoint presentation, or editing.
  • Upload to the web for you to display on your website: YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

DVD options

We offer a few options for delivering your video on DVD.

  • A white label DVD is similar to a VHS tape: your edited video is transferred straight to DVD disc for playback on DVD player or computer.
  • Custom-designed DVD disc: We design a disc label, menu and add chapters to your video (so that you can easily skip to specific part of the video). This option is great when you’re using your video as a marketing or promotional tool.
    Recommended for a run of 1-10 DVDs.
  • Packaged DVD: This option is for a DVD that is to be mass-produced or distributed. Design may include packaging (DVD case, disc label, inserts, etc.), menu, chapters and titles.
    Recommended for a run of 20+ DVDs.