Suspect Productions: Digital Video Production and Design


Suspect Productions is proud to be a gold sponsor of the Newtown Festival.
We filmed this short doco/promo for the Newtown Residents’ Association back in 2008.
All audio was recorded live and features Jess Chambers, Andy Hummel and The Phoenix Foundation.

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Suspect Productions: Digital video production and design (contact details)

Suspect is currently unavailable for New Zealand-based projects.

Welcome to Suspect Productions

We’re a video production company based in Wellington.

digital video production

Our services include:

Video for the web

Video is a great way to create a more compelling website. A web video can be just about anything: a 30-second promo; short-form documentary; or online tutorial.

We can also reinvigorate your existing corporate videos or DVDs – shoot additional material, add new graphics and edit your message for a web audience. We also take care of the technical details.