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Suspect Productions: Digital video production and design (contact details)

Suspect is currently unavailable for New Zealand-based projects.

Filming packages

Our filming (footage-only) packages are great if you’re on a tight budget. We film, digitise the footage - copy to your harddrive - and then you take care of the editing.

Pricing for our core filming packages is based on location shoot and footage digitisation time.
You can also request a custom quote.

Film now – edit later.

  • Packages are for filming at a single location.
  • Shotgun microphones and/or wireless lapel mics are used for live audio recording.
  • Location time includes set-up, onsite briefing, and pack-down.
  • Footage is copied to your harddrive as ready-to-edit high-quality QuickTime (Mac) or WMV (Windows-PC) files.

Static wide

A static wide is suited to filming a rehearsal or run-through of a performance to workshop, or for basic performance documentation. We set-up a camera in a fixed (wide) position that will take in the entire performance space, with minimal reframing.

  • Maxium event duration: 1.5hr
  • Single camera shoot (SD)
  • Location time: 2-3hr
  • Output to white label DVD and digital file
  • $160 + GST

Short performance / presentation filming/videoing

Our short performance filming package is suitable for audition and application reels, recitals, artist and performer showreels or video podcasts - great when you want to send a professional quality video of your act to a festival organiser, or post a showreel to YouTube.

  • Maximum event duration: 20min.
  • Two camera shoot (SD/HD)
  • Location time: 1-2hr
  • $400 + GST

Long-form performance/event filming/videoing

Suitable for capturing shows, gigs, openings/launches, fashion shows, speeches and presentations.

  • Maxium event duration: 1.5hr
  • Two camera shoot (SD/HD)
  • Location time: 2-3hr
  • $800 + GST

industrial video / business profile filming/videoing

In addition to promotion and marketing, a growing use of video is for internal communications: induction and training. We visit your workplace, film key locations, product details and conduct interviews with staff.

  • Location time: 3-4hr
  • Single camera shoot (SD/HD)
  • Interview microphone kit
  • $1400 + GST

Optional extras

Here are a few ways to improve the production values of your footage - and other things that we can help you with. Extra charges apply.

  • Additional cameras: more cameras allow for a more creative edit – such as cutting between a wide and close-up of a performance.
  • Mixed audio recording: we take a feed from your mixing desk to a digital audio recorder for cleaner, crisper production sound.
    Mixed audio recording is recommended for live music and panel discussions.
  • Additional locations.
  • Lighting.
  • Video studio or performance space hire.
  • Title and credit design.

…and of course we can also take care of editing.

For wedding filming, please see Tiare Films wedding videography Wellington / Rarotonga.

All filming packages subject to availability. Pricing subject to change without notice.