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Suspect Productions: Digital video production and design (contact details)

Suspect is currently unavailable for New Zealand-based projects.

Contact Us

Suspect is currently unavailable for New Zealand-based projects.

Request a quote

  • For indicative pricing, see our filming/footage and editing pages.
  • Get in touch if you need a quote for a grant or funding application for performance or event coverage, video or DVD production.
  • For a formal quote or to check our availability, contact Justine Flanagan.

Production brief

The type of information that we need to provide you with a quote includes:

  • A short description of the project: who the video is for, key messages, ideas/reference material/storyboards you might have prepared, etc.
  • Production dates: when the project is to be filmed and completed.
  • Locations (if applicable).
  • How you'd like to work with us.
  • Your contact details: phone number and email address.

Justine Flanagan | Producer

Contractors / Job enquiries

We have no positions open at the moment.

To be added to our contractor register (camera-ops, audio engineers, editors, etc.) send your CV through to Justine. Please include your name in the filename of your CV, e.g.

Please do not be offended if we don’t reply to your submission – small company – busy times.