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Suspect Productions: Digital video production and design (contact details)

Suspect is currently unavailable for New Zealand-based projects.

About suspect Productions

The heart of Suspect Productions is Justine Flanagan and Andy Kirkwood. We've been around since ‘digital video’ meant a moving image little-bigger than a postage stamp.

Our services include:

  • filming: shows, events, interviews, speeches, launches, training video/tutorials, etc.
  • digital video editing
  • video-on-demand (video for the web)
  • DVD authoring: encoding, titles, menu design
  • PowerPoint and presentation design
  • motion graphics, titles and credits
  • documentary production

Justine Flanagan

Justine is our producer, director, editor - she also shoots and wrangles motion graphics. She's been a filmmaker for over a decade, and has had her films shown in film festivals and art galleries around New Zealand.

Andy Kirkwood

Andy takes care of the (few) things that Justine doesn’t do. He is our B-camera, audio-guy, writes (proposals, voice overs, scripts), and takes care of graphic and title design. He also leads our occassional brand design processes with a focus on the arts and creative sectors.

Suspect Productions, AKA…

Suspect Productions started circa 2003 as a division of Motive Ltd - a web design and development agency. Suspect was created to offer video and presentation design to complement our web design services.

Now, with the increased demand for video production brought about by video-for-the-web, ‘the shoe is on the other foot’ – we spend the majority of our time on video production and only work with a select number of long-term clients on websites.

Suspect Productions clients include:

  • National Library
  • Learning Media
  • New Zealand Self-Taught & Visionary Art
  • Newtown Residents Association
  • Enjoy Public Gallery
  • Sarjeant Gallery
  • Strike Percussion
  • Miss Ellaneous
  • Fuse Circus
  • Alchemy Actors Company
  • Emerson Films